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When faced with managing a 30,000 square foot home, I was not going to trust that to an app. Darrell and his team are masters when it comes to every type of property management. They were 5 steps ahead of our needs the entire time. They have a deep bench.

Brent D. Ballard

Managing Partner, Calfee, Halter & Griswold

Property Management

We’ve seen it all. 120,000 square foot industrial structures, shopping centers, multi-story office buildings, large residences. We’ve been building and managing properties for 50 years. Let us take the lead in predicting and resolving all matters pertaining to the below:

• Roofs
• Driveways
• Plumbing
• Security
• Landscaping
• Sprinkler systems

• Pests
• Structures
• Budget management
• Foundations
• Lighting
• Electrical systems

IT & Security

Have you considered artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics enhanced security for your home? Is your home safe from cyber intrusion? Physical intrusion? Securing and monitoring large structures is familiar territory for us. Allow us to be your thought leaders in:

• Burglar alarms
• Locking mechanisms
• Cameras
• Motion sensors

• Home computer networks
• Cyber security, firewalls, anonymity
• Data redundancy

Disinfection & Sanitization

We offer pet-safe and human-safe industrial disinfection and sanitization services for your residence, which includes disinfecting or sanitizing:

• Gathering Areas            
• Kitchens
• Showers      
• Sinks

• Floors            
• Doorknobs      
• Closets
• High Touch and High Traffic Areas

Home Automation

Smart homes are the future. And the future is now. Your home should be easy to operate and fit your own tastes, habits and lifestyle. Allow us to manage selection and implementation of the many proprietary and consumer home automation systems, which offer:

• Smart Kitchens
• Global Voice Control
• Automated, Integrated Lighting
• Integrated Home Audio And Theater
• Privacy Tech
• Smart Locks, Security, Monitoring and AI
• Task Automation Routines

• Digital Screenage
• Home Robotics
• Automated Window Shades
• Integrated Telephony and Messaging
• Meal Preparation
• Temperature Control

The world has changed. Household Management Services is a major new resource for the challenges of homeownership in the 21st century. We’ve seen Darrell and his team in action and there is no property or building they cannot take to the next level.

Dr. David & Enid Rosenberg

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Concierge Services

Household Concierge presents luxury hotel quality concierge service for your everyday life. With many years of 360-degree management experience, we offer the following services to select clients:

• Personal Scheduling
• Travel Arrangements and Recommendations
• Appointment Management
• Automobile Maintenance, Management and Scheduling
• Laundry Pickup
• Notary

• Passport Renewal
• Gift Shopping
• Art Storage and Collection Management
• Grocery Shopping
• Event Planning

Construction Services

Contractor relationships are everything. 5 decades and 2 generations in real estate have produced the finest possible team, built on stable foundations of success, honesty, efficiency and care. Service offerings include:

• Architectural Selection
• Design Assistance
• Construction
• Contractor Selection
• Scheduling

• Budgeting
• Materials Selection
• Approvals
• Zoning
• Environmental Concerns

Snowbird Management

While you travel, be it work or pleasure, whether it’s the winter months down south, or enjoying another of your properties for a period of time, we will manage your entire home, including the interior and exterior structure, your automobiles, land, and every last detail in order to guarantee your peace of mind while away. Service offerings include:

• Water Control
• Temperature Control
• Winterization
• Critter Control
• Security

• Bill Pay and Bookkeeping
• Snow Management
• Automobile Care and Storage
• Mail Collection, Organization and Forwarding

Bill Pay & Bookkeeping

Scheduling, organizing and paying bills for the home, property, automobiles, and all related areas, is frustrating and time-consuming. We will systemize and execute the entire bill pay and bookkeeping process for you. Month after month. Service offerings include:

• Property Taxes
• Utilities
• Landscaping
• Repairs
• Pets
• Leasing
• Mortgages
• Memberships
• Automobiles

• Maintenance
• Internet
• Security
• Cleaning
• Pest Control
• Catering
• Subscriptions
• Cable Television

Household Management Services’ team exceeded our expectations at every turn. They are efficient, responsive, and thorough.

Brent D. Ballard

Managing Partner, Calfee, Halter & Griswold

“The challenge of managing complex personal residences is a natural evolution for our organization, after 40 years developing, growing, and building Cleveland.”

President, Darrell A. Young Enterprises
Founder, Household Management Services

As a 2nd generation Cleveland real estate developer, Darrell has over forty years experience in local and regional real estate, including development, construction, property management and finance, in the commercial, industrial, retail, health care and residential sectors.

Notable projects, awards and roles include: Morton L. Mandel Leadership Award; Charter Board Chair, Ohio City Improvement Corporation; former President of Figgie Properties and executive in charge of Chagrin Highlands; former Chair, Properties Committee, Jewish Federation of Cleveland; Board Member, Playhouse Square Foundation; former Board Chair, Montefiore; former Board Chair Mandel JCC and recipient, Fr. Mark Dinardo 2020 Ohio City Legacy Award.

Darrell’s belief in personalized, highly technical thought partnership has resulted in decades of profitable projects, and relationships. He looks forward to bringing an uncompromising commitment to excellence, quality and customer satisfaction to the world of remarkable homes.

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